Business Models

We help our partners to make use of this indispensable tool in defining a business strategy, taking advantage of the leading models and techniques of business management.

We are firm believers in the Business Model Canvas, a strategic tool that promotes visual thinking in order to analyse how a business creates, distributes, and retains value.

The Business Model Canvas, with its AS-IS and TO-BE iterations, provides a strategic view and a rational view and involves the combined study of 9 essential keys to its success: Customer Segment, Value Proposition, Channels, Customer Relationship, Revenue Streams, Key Resources, Key Activities, Key Partnership, and Cost Structures.

Business Planning

We prepare and monitor complete tools of strategy planning together with our partners, helping them to visualise the economic and financial sustainability of a business venture. We also accurately and analytically map out the road to actual achievement of the strategic objective defined in the business model.

The resulting Business Plan is an essential process in critically assessing a proposed venture, including for the financial planning and the sustainability of the financing to be raised.

Strategic Benchmark Analysis

We prepare reports of fundamental importance to management, which help to identify and understand the best practices and other critical success factors of other organisations, so as to grasp their implications and skilfully adapt them to the specific traits of the Business Model in order to enhance business performance.

This Benchmark Analysis enables businesses to identify the performance standards that need to be measured in order to determine where there may be qualitative or quantitative gaps.


We facilitate effective relationships with lenders and provide the tools and skills needed in order to understand how they evaluate a business. This enables our partners to reduce the cost of financing or obtain greater lines of credit.

Knowing ahead of time the results of an independent valuation and comparing that with a lender’s valuation of a business gives our clients greater negotiating power and enables them to determine the right forms of financing to receive, so as to improve their overall rating.

Organisation And Management Control

Our services are aimed at:

  • Developing and organising systems of strategic control with the help of tools such as the Balanced Scorecard and Key Performance Indicators.
  • Preparing organisation charts and job descriptions that reflect the company’s strategic targets.
  • Fine-tuning management and governance, particularly as regards forms of organisation and planning that are based on risk-based thinking (i.e. risk vs. opportunity).
  • Providing systems of organisation that are in line with overall corporate governance.

M&A Advisory

We are also able to provide services related to:

  • Business Due Diligence in relation to the acquisition of interests in other enterprises
  • Planning and execution of operations of Extraordinary Finance (e.g. M&As, private equity, club deals).
  • Management of Professional Teams for public listings.The experience and expertise we have gained through our involvement in a great many corporate transactions is the key to success in all the services we provide.

Corporate Storytelling

Storytelling is a fundamental tool in the governance of marketing, communication, strategic analysis, human resource development and management, and even product design.

Telling a credible corporate story means adopting a strategic model that can engage, transform, disseminate knowledge, and generally add value to that system of know-how.

The extensive experience of our Advisory Board Member enables our clients to develop a unique corporate identity to ensure the success of this crucial process.